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If you want to optimize your SEO, I recommend just doing this:

  1. Focus on writing great content
  2. Add great images to your content
  3. Select the best image as a "featured image" for the post
  4. Type a description for the article into Yoast
  5. Spread links to your article far & wide across the Internet.
  6. Don't get lost in the rabbit hole and forget about 1 & 2. OSE is great, and we already have a huge following because of the content we publish. Maybe the only improvement here would be to post more often, but not if that risks sacrificing quality for quantity.

3 & 4 are the changes I recommended recently with the addition of Yoast.

As for 5, a lot of SEO has to do with backlinks. When Google sees that users all over the internet are referencing your site's content, you get huge bumps. So after spending most of your time producing great content (1 & 2), spend a couple hour with the shariff share buttons, phplist, etc to share links to our newly-published content across Social Media. Hopefully others will share it on their sites as well, and that'll do more to boost our SEO than the flashy premium features of Yoast.