Work Day Guidelines

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Work Days

Work Days are an opportunity to volunteer with OSE at Factor e Farm. A Work Day volunteer may help for one day or multiple days of a project. Work Day activities include GVCS prototype buildouts and infrastructure development, maintenance, and improvement.

To prepare:

  • Work Days are announced in Current Events and in the OSE Newsletter. Contact the Technical Community Manager: TechCommunity@opensourceecology if you are interested in being a member of our Work Day Community.
  • Volunteers should bring a brown bag lunch for the lunch break.

On the day:

  • 8 Hour work commitment is expected. No errands or other diversions should be undertaken at this time to keep team spirit and progress high.
  • Break for lunch is not included in the 8 hours.

Dress guidelines:

  • Each Work Day announcement will include recommended and/or required clothing and safety equipment. Volunteers may be expected to wear steel-toed shoes/boots, depending upon the planned activities for the day.

See Workshop Guidelines for work that is planned in the workshop.

Other safety equipment, such as eye protection, ear plugs, etc. are provided.