Workflow Optimization

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  • Night and day difference occurs in speed when technique is used. Technique includes:
    • Tools
    • jigs
    • tool holders/pickets/attachments/hooks/vest/etc on the body, in the shop, on workpiece
    • measuring aids
    • documentation aids
    • data collection
    • work holders
    • logistic aids
    • dispensers


  • Tiewire reel - [1]. Instead of cutting a wad and having many left over or not enough, and freeing up your hand. Pull, cut, tie - switching between cutter and tier. Rebar wire tie tool with cutter?
  • Wire dispenser - dispense wire without wire spiral and directly through holes by mounting spool effectively near hole. See [2]

Wire Work

  • Twister - is this faster than a rebar tiewire tool? [3]. They make the hand-twist and screw-twist versions of the standard tool - [4].
  • Rebar tie cordless. Advantage is that it dispenses the wire. $2500 [5]. $4 per roll bought in 50-roll bundles.