Workshop Tips and Tricks

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  • Bulk holesaw enlargement. If you want to enlarge a hole saw hole - double mount a hole saw on the same holder! [1]. Problem - larger hole saw has nothing to hold to. Solution - smaller hole saw used as a guide. Another good one - use a plug inserted onto the guide drill [2]. Another - inferior solution - make a guide [3]. May work in cases where you can't double-mount a hole saw. Another inferior solution - glue the plug back in [4].
  • Accurate enlargement of small holes - sandpaper on a dowel - [5]
  • Semiaccurate enlargement of large holes - wood burr [6], wood-shapind dish for grinder [7]. Use grinder with a cylindrical wheel. [8]. DIY - a metal gear used as a grinder. [9]. Or mini saw blades come in 3-4" size or smaller. [10]. Round file in a drill bit. [11]. Rasp [12]. Linear rasp [13]. Rasps are faster than files [14]