World Peace Plan

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  • The next NATO, anyone can join. Common pool of volunteer people and equipment. Equipment quota is required.
  • This capacity is distributed to facilities worldwide, each with its education and production infrastructure.
  • Voting is by Council of Elders. Not national representation, but merit-based.
  • Merit is building a high ranked microcivilization that scores 95% in Quality of Life Index, Freedom Index, Democracy Index, Corruption Index, Transparency Index, Moral Literacy Index, Six Sigma Index for production quality and lifetime design, and Collaborative Literacy Index. All of these combine to an Abundance Index, where a score above 95% constitutes Paradise Status. This is the most ambitious human experiment on the planet.
  • All military power is engaged via on-demand production.
  • Each campus is 2400 people nominal, and features renewable energy, closed loop material cycles, local food, and a viable open sector enterprise revenue model. Each campus centers around education and research, with cultural and scientific progress created by everyone.
  • There are 220M higher ed students, and DMS on quality education with moral intelligence as the basis is the new norm.
  • In the 24 person operation, the unifying theme is that each person becomes a crew leader, then moves up to executive management. Leader duty means running an operation from the Building Book for each house model. Simple hiring-firing policy revolves around hiring those displaying highest moral and collaborative (inclusive) literacy, who gain a high level of psychosocial integration. The firing route means you become a supplier - you just mind your own business, and follow new requirements and have access to continuing education, but instead of the leadership track, they follow a workforce track. We teach our leadership to accept this, that there are people who simply do not aspire to Extreme Learning. In all cases, however, we require baseline learning, with cultural indoctrination into developing an abundance mindset of self-determination. In fact, basic workforce training creates habits of service to society, as opposed to a menace to society.
  • From the 24 operation we hire individuals who learn a leadership track, in another 4 years. This enables the student to run a 240 person facility, with transparency on builds and revenue. Basic ratios are transparent, such as net revenue, and allocation to new Open Sector facilities. For example, a new development sprouts up via the Mobile Construction Trailer group of 10-20 trailers which hire people off the street rondo the heavy lifting including online training. Scan the QR code, go online with your simulator. Once you graduate, you step in the cockpit, which has double controls so that an individual in training can take over the controls at any time, and trainer can intervene at any time (hydraulic solenoid selector between two control systems). The next step would be geofenced RTK application, where the operator is allowed any motion, within bounds that are marked visually on the screen.
  • The 24 person and 240 person ops collaborate all on the sma project, pushing the limits of collaborative dev in any area of endeavor. In 4 years people learn the House, and 8 years the village design. Meaning any machine design. From Year 8-12, they learn the Stewardship trach - governance, economics, R&D, etc.
  • 24 ops means $5M in 4 years at scale, and once we have this developed, we have traction. This means we can recruit high-performing people, with time to learn moral intelligence being about a year? Or, year for basic proficiency, but it becomes a habit only after 4 years?
  • Realistic scaling rate from 24 cohort is 240 in 2 years for first pilot and scaling this could be at the same rate once pilot is demonstrated, if we get good at moral l intelligence metrics
  • The Year 8-12 is the Institute for advanced Studies, with all types of social sector people created from builders - ie, avoiding the curse of The Best and the Brightest
  • For culturally degenerate countries such as Russia or North Korea, the program would involve giving them a chance to excel as a contractually secured special economic zone or some guarantee of integrity that does not fall the way of the Minsk agreement.