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Thinking ahead can help achieve one's goals - and is adaptive. To disambiguate from worry - worry is 'thinking about future events in a way that leaves you feeling anxious or apprehensive'. This is not adaptive. Worry is ok for 'real event worry' (specific triggers) but not for 'hypothetical worry' (habitual worry without specific triggers)



  • 34% of the population suffers from anxiety! [1]. CBT is number one:
    • Exposure
    • Social skills training
    • Cognitive restructuring
    • Problem-solving training
    • Self-monitoring or journaling of symptoms
    • Homework
    • Relaxation training
  • CBT can be implemented by primary physicians with minimal mental health training (i.e., ‘The Calm Program’) [2]. Also, Attention Bias Modification is a thing. Vagus Nerve Stimulation can also be used.
  • Worry is related to intolerance of uncertainty. (reminds of authoritarian personality discussed in Radical Man - the radical tolerates ambiguity well, the conservative likes more structure)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for generalized anxiety - [3]. Suggest Psychoeducation, but proposes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as the best route.