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The Product Certification marks a set of evolving standards that defines an OSE Product Release.

This occurs at the level of distributive enterprise creation. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to replicate OSE enterprise concepts independently or under the umbrella of OSE. Independent replication is encouraged under our Distributive Enterprise business model - a global collaboratory for open product development whose goal is to provide open access to best product designs to anyone anywhere in the world. The OSE umbrella carries with it benefits of training, capitalization assistance, publicity, quality control, and other assistance. For production under the OSE umbrella, standards are defined for a product that is produced under the OSE Label. The Product Certification is a memorialization of standards.

These standards should include:

  1. Transparent definition of model version and features included in a given version/release.
    1. Accurate bug tracking and versioning
  2. OSE License definition
  3. Quality control standards and procedure for producers
  4. Transparent documentation and verification of standards