XM Prusa i3 Procedure

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XM process revolves around leaning out the build so QC is prioritized early on, with as many QC steps frontloaded as possible. This allows steps of lesser importance to be carried out later in the process - allowing for fatigue only later in the day.

Frontloading QC allows for full attention to be given to QC.

Base steps: (separating Module build from assembly as assembly is where alignment happens).

  1. Make frame of 4 2020s plus vertical angles. QC - long pieces front and back, short are superior of the front.
  2. Make x axis. Other team takes y axis, joins z axis team after x axis is done.
  3. Add vertical frame. Assemble z flat, then stand it up. Use a standard combination square. Do a preliminary mounting of power supply. Take off the power supply but leave the mounting brackets. (It is more difficult to mount the supply later with other parts in place.
  4. Mount z rod clamp, mount z rods with x axis on them. Tighten down z rod clamp screws to the base, not to rod.
  5. Mount the z motors, but not their threaded rods. Slide z motion up and down freely. Tighten one side, parallel to z axis frame, and then let the one tightened side determine the location of the other motor.
  6. Mount extruder and belt.
  7. Mount the entire hot bed assembly including rod blocks, at 90 mm from left to the block edge.
  8. Mount end stops.
  9. Wire the controller. All cable routing/fastening needs to be included here.
  10. Wire the power supply.
  11. Mount the power supply.
  12. Tidy up the wiring, 5 minutes.
  13. Boot up Live Linux, or preinstalled software.
  14. Run Calibration Cube.

Timing Predictions for a Swarm Build

  • Initial Guess: Done, in 8 hours best case including presentations, 12 hours worst case. (8-8 day expected as the "Normal Build Day")
  • Prediction after detailed build times are explored: 7 hour worst and best case - as we will stick on schedule during the event.
  • Actual Group Build: