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Allow each step of the many steps of the this process to be a Module on Connexions, Booktype, or another semantic web publishing platform for immediate republishability.

Common critique is that a program like Adobe In-Design should be used for proper, professional-looking formatting.

To address this, this is a suggested pathway:

  1. Utilize Flashy XM to record the ~100 necessary development steps.
  2. Utilize Booktype as an easy, scalable first-level content integration and formatting platform. Utilize Book Sprints whenever pratical.
  3. Farm out any professional level upgrades (Adobe Indesign, etc) to documentation to the greater OSE Community via Flash Mobs and Book Sprints

Connections Route

Use Connexions as a remixable web publishing platform that will facilitate publication of the Civilization Starter Kit.

To publish - allow each step to have its own wiki page for the Work Product. Then, the Publishing involves taking the wiki page and uploading it as a module to connections.

to publish the Civilization Starter Kit, the Connexions interface will simply allow all the modules to be arranged and edited as needed. Modularizing the content allows multiple editors to do this collaboratively.


  1. What is the collaboratory potential of CNX? Simply using modules from other people? How do we keep track of content - by labels?
  2. What is the planned list of functionality in CNX?
  3. Can both e-publications with dynamic content and physical textbooks be published?

Booktype Route


  • Open Source
  • Founder managed a group of 4000 volunteers making docs over 5 years with the tools
  • Turnkey semantic additions
  • Collaborative online platform
  • Connected to on-demand publishing services
  • Lends itself to publishing stretegically with Paperight, by a Shuttleworth Fellow


  • Limited layout capacity compared to professional layout possibilities


Booktype, the open source publishing platform. from Sourcefabric on Vimeo.