XYZ Bolted Construction

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XYZ Bolted Construction appears to be structurally more sound than a comparable frame that is welded, because clamp strength of oversized bolts spread the bond over metal frame surfaces rather than over the welding lines. If made from tubes with holes, these structures can be modified and added upon - and they could be the building backbone for various devices.

See examples:


For structural integrity and flexibility reasons, OSE would like to return to the bolted design for the Power Cube. The tractor already uses this bolted design. Even though the Power Cube will be bigger and heavier, this is a structural and weight advantage in tractor applications. If we have the torch table to precut the tubing, then the Power Cube frame can be put together in about 20 minutes.


  • N55 is known for using xyz bolted construction - such as recumbent bicycles