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  • https://www.wevolver.com/ - Yann talked to founder what OSH would need as an efficient tool, but they will do only documentation and communication, but not development
  • Committed Power Electronics Engineer - need one. Krzys did not come to France.
  • Firefly Unicycle
  • Informal log - Kanban
  • Feedly - RSS reader -
  • Yann - needs people who need to get paid.
  • Prototype - September - Crowdfund Final Product from Kickstarter.
  • Revenue - commission on production. Fablabs consulting - . Donations.
  1. Commission on production - % of kit price. Usibox is ready. Usibox kit. B2B. Velocar is B2C. Usibox difficulty is calibration - concrete around calibrated kit. Aluminum structure - custom parts. Usibox is milling. If doable quickly - will do additive 3D printing. Usibox. Ground structure ok, xyz axis linear guides. Next servo motor control - BBB with encoder + launchpad. Needs custom driver for CNC. Last problem is 2 axis milling head. 2-3 months development + prototype for this summer.
  2. HIL - custom PC with acquisition board.
  3. Electric - gas - food - train - 600 euro per month. 400 euro to make it at all.
  4. Usibox price is 20k euro
  5. Philosophy of Entrepreneurship- OS CAD in 5 yrs is a failure.

Needs for success of a software:

  • Genius guy
  • Company that supports it
  • Need ecosystem of users - powerful company that needs an ecosystem
  • Ecosystem emerges around a tool

Werner Mayer - did the hard math of Imetric. the genius behind it? Mesh module. 3D Modeler.