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Thu Mar 12, 2015

https://www.jmag-international.com/solutions/motordrivesystem01.html. Need open source version of this for electric motor dollar.

$64M to develop decent software - http://www.onshape.com/. Human factor is big deal - try to find people that can become friends. Don't work with people that can't become friends. Trust and ethics are important. Yann doesn't see microtasking working with SMEs - but not for design but for review. "No microtasking for complex tasks" - too much waste. - Yann. Above a certain small threshold of 7-10, don't want a bigger team.

Measure value - commit on Github is commented with how value was added. Set value of 40% for engineer, 20% for technician, 10% business, 10% architect. Zachman framework sets the payment. Open Value Network is applied as well. 50-50 split with makerspaces is the model.

500 margin - less than 100 kits is failure. More needed. Only 25k euro margin.

Rough material target - $2.5k Euro. Carbon fiber wheel and frame. For bike, Usibox is not mandatory. Most complex on bike is fork.

Low cost molds - https://rizzoma.com/topic/fb23ad9a3d8013232fc11d292b1cfe82/0_b_4l05_5vpeu/

Human drive generator - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hfClQh3rxM&feature=youtu.be&t=2m8s

Aquaponics - https://rizzoma.com/topic/61941807ac9f60c4f6e6474a0aad59d0/0_b_4o86_62ah3/

Tue Oct 8, 2013

Marcin, Application for donation is ready for your review below. If you would do differently tell me, it is my first. I also wait on review of a specialist by friday for voltage + motor efficiency + battery specification. Discussion/hangout is not mandatory. If you have time and willing to discuss my plannign is flexible too. Topics of interest : open source motor + sourcing parts for prototype + hiring strategy + velocar.cc ontology/zachmann I'm going through a complex personnal time. My speed will likely be reduced for the next two weeks. Maybe won't be able to assist next design sprint. Saw your infj profile in your log. Mine is intp if this can help our collaboration. Yann

Sat Oct 5, 2013

Fri Aug 30, 2013



Thu Jun 20, 2013

  • Rear drive module analysis done : OSECar Rhizome
  • First CAD prototype in progress.


  • Problem statement found at OSE Car Problem Statement
  • Yann - Velocar - 2kWhr per 100 km at 50 kph - 1/6 l/100km equivalent usage? At 100km/hr for 100km consumes 3 kWhr of power.

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