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  • A website with almost a monopoly on free video streaming
  • OSE YouTube channel is OpenSourceEcology
  • Mainly used by OSE for a PR channel, and a development channel (for meeting backups/for those who missed it etc, as well as build/event updates)
  • Can also be used for Livestreaming, and things like user polls, and low level text based social media
  • The comments section isn't well organised, but can be used (especially with low subscirber amounts) to answer questions people have

In-Wiki Use

Adding Annotations and Links

Google Support

Embedding Youtube in the Wiki

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Targeting a specific audience

This section discusses some ways that may help to target a specific audience on YouTube. For general information about target audiences, see Target Audience for STEAM Camps.

For example, an audience that is aligned with OSE is the audience for the YouTube channel:

Algorhythm Exploits

  • Essentially uses reverse engineering of the youtube algorhythm to maximise either exposure, monitization/ad revenue, or both
  • Can be used semi-maliciously (Kids youtube, and spam bots...) BUT OSE will use it for exposure, and monitor itself to not go "too far"
    • Also once a Tipping Point is reached the exposure becomes "self sustaining" , and this method becomes less relevant
  • This also changes everytime the algorhythm is changed
  • This is often covered by various people explaining their frustration with it, or by business/pr focused channels discussing the issue

Current Methods

  • As of ~2020
  • A naive way to bring OSE under the attention of this audience is to create a description of an OSE YouTube video that aligns with the audience of How To Make Everything (HTME). Then if you add links in the description to these channels, people that view the OSE video may receive recommendations of HTME videos. Hopefully, YouTube's recommendation algorithm picks that up and reverses the relation and starts recommending the OSE video to HTME audience.

However, this may not be very effective. Instead, the following links are probably much better in providing insight in how to target a specific audience:


  • This involves much more work, and a certain degree of luck
  • Email/contact popular youtube channels in related feilds
    • Ask if they could do a review (such as 3D Printing Channels and OSE's 3D Printer)
    • Collaborate on Development (Any relevant devices, and any relevant projects)
    • Get a shoutout
    • Get them to join as a SME/Developer

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