The 4 Zones of Capacity

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About the 4 Zones of Possibility

This is an assessment of one's capacity:

  1. Define what you know that you can do.
  2. What you think you can do.
  3. What you think is probably too much
  4. What you know you can't do.

MJ notes - Question 1 has a real focusing effect for me - so I get very clear on basics, and less confused by the grand visions.

Expansion of Possibility

For Zone 3 - the first question for a movement entrepreneur should be - how do I convert from zone 3 to zone 2. This question in fact applies to any Zone N - and how to move into Zone N-1. That is a matter of asking: what skill set needs to be learned, what self-limiting blocks need to be removed. 2 deals with external blocks, and 3 deals with internal blocks.

First Thing: Move the 4th Zone to 3, 2, and 1