10kW Induction Heater

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Why 10kW?

  • It is a useful size in a transition from home economics to industrial power. Homes can have 10kW power outlets as a standard option (50a at 240V)
  • For industriall power, larger power levels can be built by: multiplying wire connections, scaling the power stage, and using the same control circuit.

Intro - 10 kW Home Power Circuit

Great study, guy became active again in 2021 from initial work in 2010 - Tutorial at http://inductionheatertutorial.com/

  • Note - someone capable of documenting and adding some calculations and data like this is worth learning from. This is the best tutorial on induction power I've seen so far - this circuitry can be scaled likely to 100kW without much change in topology, using Extensive Scalability of components.
  • YouTube Playlist on components - [1]
    • Phase lock explained - [2]
    • Tank and transformer considerations - [3]
    • How to not blow out mosfets at higher voltage up to 700VDC - [4]