Extensive Scalability

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Scalability can take 2 forms: Intensive Scalability, where the size of a device can increase, or Extensive Scalability - where multiples of the same size device, can be used.

This also applies to organizational and enterprise design - where you replace 'size of device' with 'size of team' or 'size of operations', and 'multiples of the same size device' with 'multiples of same size team' or 'multiples of the same size operations.'

Power Electronics Case

  • With a microcontroller - the key is to set up a driver circuit with one input signal, controlling an unlimited number of power elements. This would be applicable to scaling the 10kW Induction Furnace to 100 or many hundred kilowatts. Whether this topology is more effective than larger, nonscalable circuits - is to be evaluated.

Power Cube Case

Universal Track Unit

  • Tracked wheels are self-contained, and dually configuration is allowed, while retaining easy part access for repair. See Universal Track Unit. Indeed, with the interior motors, any number of drive wheels can be added for traction vehicles.