1 Meter Printer

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This is the maximum allowable size for a multiplexed 8 mm Universal Axis system.

  • Axes are doubled up on the x and y axes to provide the necessary stiffness
  • TB6600 drivers are used to multiplex the stepper drive
  • RAMPS is used minus the Pololu drivers, which are replaced by the TB6600
  • frame is build from 1/8"x2" steel, bonded into a cubic space frame

Production Engineering

  • Designed for simple fabrication, without need of CNC Cutting.
  • Frame can be welded or epoxied
  • 120V AC custom nichrome bed heater via Nichrome Calculator
  • All axis lengths and rods are identical in length, including the bed support rods. This is done by using a geometry with external Y and Z axis mounting, greatly simplifying the build procedure.
  • Uses OSE Linux to run to avoid any software conflicts - or you can run test print readily from SD card.

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