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Focus is on learning as a community to bring up a new generation of open source distributive entrepreneurs. We focus on best practice and learning openly - a learning community. We provide a standard format for instructionals. 5 minute crash courses. OSE Podcast explores best practices for regenerative development entrepreneurs (RDE). RDEs are generalists, and they create impact through open source enterprise development. Keywords: Distributive Enterprise, Addressing Pressing World Issues, Learning Community, Capacity Building, Open Source Enterprise, Integrated Skillsets, Generalists. Theory of Transformation: Interdisciplinary systems thinking is key. We nurture generalists who are interested in becoming movement entrepreneurs for the open source economy - the next trillion dollar economy which transcends resource scarcity issues.


  • Open Source Economy
  • Movement entrepreneurship
  • Open source Ecology - an operating system based on transparency and collaboration. Includes human and natural systems. Economic goals include bioregionalism.


  • From server to mike to editing to podcast team
  • Partners on specific topics


Big Picture Thought Leaders

  • Jeremy Rifkin
  • Recent Testimonial

Allied Projects, People and Efforts

Theme: meta about their projects. Learnings, collaboration, what worked, hard lessons.

  • Heal Local - [1]
  • Vinay Gupta - Microstate Entrepreneurship
  • Enspiral connection
  • Public Lab
  • OSHWA Alicia
  • Balkan Ecology Project
  • Ooooby
  • Making Society
  • Jeff Moe
  • Joseph Prusa
  • Lady Ada
  • Neighborly
  • Lesa Mitchell
  • Cameron Herold
  • Darren Doherty
  • Eric Toensmeier
  • Philip Rutter
  • Tom Rielly
  • Robert Steele

Software Tools for the Open Source Economy

  • Wordpress - Matt
  • Kdenlive
  • FreeCAD
  • Sweet Home 3D
  • Blender

Integrated Skill Sets

  • Open Source Microfactories
  • Aquaponics
  • Video Production


  • Podcast.opensourceecology.org
  • Support Team - website, researcher, editor, assistant
  • Meetup - to support discussions

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