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A Podcast is useful to assist OSE's goal of clarity towards GVCS completion by 2028, and to the End State beyond.

More specifically, the positioning is gaining clarity on what we are trying to solve for, with our open economic ideals. Is it about a way to get open products to market?

One candidate in more detail: We are solving for Distributed Market Substitution of common near-products by: 1. developing common open source production machinery, 2. making licensing transparent, 3. creating training materials for producers, and 4. producing a distribution website based on open source microfactories. Microfactory includes secondary business model of training other producers, in using the microfactory, to produce a circular economy supply chain. We are solving for crap jobs - taking people out of regular jobs into distributive economics which are founded on sharing. This solves for environmental degradation, and social justice. Bryan Stevenson - "The opposite of poverty is not wealth... the opposite of poverty is justice.” This justice may be interpreted broadly, to include not only a more sound legal system, but sound environmental stewardship that must be at the foundation of the modern economy.

Pocast Recommendation Form

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2020 Concept

  • Towards open source economy, interviewing leading seminal players, and current entrepreneurs.
  • Movement entrepreneurship starts with unlimited learning and constant updating of mental models for personal and political performance.
  • For interviewees, "So tell me, teach me everything that you know about X in the next hour?" Note that the mark of a genius is an answer, "Sure." The ones that say "There's too much to share" are not yet at the top.


  • Must be seminal thinkers or agents running publically-recognized and ahead-of-their-time content.
  • Must relate to collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance
  • Approach must be inclusive - of all interests from left or right, red or green, black or white, whatever. We care about expanding conscsiousness and providing a balanced viewpoint slanted to supercooperation and the collaborative economy.

Key Players

  • Joshua Pearce, Catarina, and Alicia
  • Free Hardware interests
  • Free Hardware initial standards interests
  • Good projects - FreeCAD
  • Another level - Vinay

Possible Program

  1. VESC - with Vedder - on the VESC Project. Featuring a market-dominating product.
  2. Martin Nowak - [1]. Possibly other authors of related books. Dr. Seems low on the humility scale, so this should be kept in mind - see review [2]. Extended critique of book in another review - [3]. Notes: from the critiques the importance of biased perspective comes to mind. At all times - what are the competing theories? What are both the strongpoints and shortcomings of the current proposition? What does a synthesis of contending viewpoints look like? This would qualify as OSE's 'inclusive' aspect in its Vision, which means we take the arguments from all sides.

2017 Concept

See 2017 Podcast Concept