24 V Power Supply

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  • From 120AC to 24V DC using arduino, and 6A max output.
  • 10A fuse on DC side
  • Arduino topology - Rectify AC, chop it, filter it, that's it.


  • Separate the logic from power, and do not use integrated circuits
  • Arduino - a standard component - provides the logic
  • Transistor - provides the power handling.
  • Example of this - [1]


  • Transformerless power supply typically refers to a power supply where a capacitor and resistor are dropping the voltage to a required level. This is valid for 1 amp or less current.
  • Switch mode power supply is one that uses fast, active switching

Working DOC



  • 10a rectifier - [2]

Industry Standards


  • Arduino-based 30A power supply running from 120 AC - [3]


  • Shocking truth about transformerless power supplies on Hackaday - [4]. Good explanations, but this is not about switch mode power supplies
  • Power Supply Basics