2 Day Teacher Training Workshop

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Bring a 3D printer build to your school and teach your students to design real things.

  1. We will come to your school,
  2. We guide you in a build of Open Source Ecology's 3D Printer - the simplest 3D printer in the world - with only 33 unique parts.
  3. We will walk you through the entire 3D printing process.
  4. We will teach you how to design real things using open source software.
  5. We will invite you and your students to design useful things with us in global Design Jams


  1. Get continuing education credit as a teacher
  2. Child and beginner friendly - because it is the simplest design possible. No soldering. Anyone can build one.
  3. Introduce practical design and engineering skills while designing real things that can then be build using the 3D printer
  4. Join the greater, world-changing Open Source Ecology community.

Professional Development for Teachers

Bring a hands-on 3D printing immersion and 3D printer build to your school and continue your professional development

  • Bring more value to your students and school
  • Get involved in a global movement for community-based production
  • Transform your students from passive consumers to producers
  • Build yourself - and build your world


  • We Come to Your School during the school day
  • Have your teachers and students learn in their own environment
  • Inspire your whole school without sending a teacher away with a travel grant
  • Bring more value to your school
  • For Both Teachers and Students

In addition to development for teachers only - we offer the possibility to have both student and faculty groups building 3d printers in the same event. This bridges gaps between students and faculty, and cultivates a creative mindset.


3D Printing Bootcamp includes:

  • Survey of 3D Printing 101
  • Overview of the industry and technologies - the truth about 3D printing
  • DIY ecosystem - the promise of the Open Source Microfactory and the Open Source Everything Store
  • Sourcing and creating 3D models
  • Processing 3D models for 3D printing


  • See full kit description here
  • OSE D3D Printer - the printer with the lowest unique part count in the world
  • DIY 3D Printer Kit is specifically designed for a fast and easy build that maximizes learning
  • Transparent design, built from scratch, using common off-the-shelf parts. Banish the mystery of design.
  • A scalable, modular printer - can be made at any size and used for other functions, like circuit milling and laser cutting
  • Proudly designed and made in the USA - Maysville, Missouri - with a global collaborator team
  • Open hardware design allows you to make all kinds of improvements
  • Affordable to source AND to maintain

Contact us for more information. There are many different ways that our Open Source Microfactory can serve you:

  • We can build up to 12 OSE 3D Printers in a session
  • We can offer just a 1 day build, 2 day professional development, or 3 day training to start an OSE design Club
  • Groups of teachers OR students OR a combination of the two
  • We can also structure events as team building events - for example by building a large 3D printer with 1 meter bed
  • We can offer builds of different machines - see https://microfactory.opensourceecology.org/workshops/
  • Option 1: an Intensive One Day Workshop (8-12 hours)
  • Option 2: Comprehensive 2 Day or 3 Day Workshop (6-12 hours each day, depending on depth required)

Shorter days are better for maintaining attention span - but longer days can cover more material if the audience is exceptionally motivated.