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OSE proposes that a modern standard of living, paving a way for cultural and scientific progress, can be obtained at 2 hours of work per day because productivity of human technologies is extremely high.

Lifestyle of Freedom

It's a rigorous thing. It means one is open to learning a diverse skill set - which is used to provide a Neosubsistence lifestyle where food, shelter, and energy is provided for free and autonomously with modern technology. This can involve slow food, slow technology - slow everything if one wants - as long as it's backed up by Industrial Productivity on a Small Scale. Ie, combining 'hippie ideals' with the raw power of production - while regenerating the environment - is the current promise. It shall be realized.

The various systems like capitalism or communism have proposed prosperity for all, but have not delivered. Distribution of wealth remains an unsolved issue. The solution lies in open access to technology - nothing short of the open source economy. In this sense providing for all is the next evolution of humanity, providable in the context of an open source economy. Crypto guys are trying this already, but they are not building in open hardware as the core of their offering. Synergy potential does exist there.

The OSE proposition of a self-determined lifestyle, unjobbed and free - is the natural evolution of humanity. But freedom is not free - it takes responsibility. For productivity, for learning how to get along with others. What remains is that the time used to provide for a modern standard of living should be nominally small for any individual - given that technology exists today to provide for ample thriving. Ie, the 'work hours' are nominal for surviving and thriving - so that one can contribute most of their time to their true interests, not trying to survive. This condition would end war, poverty, and despotism - all of which are resource-based conflicts. Then we can work on eradicating the Scarcity Mindset, as a precondition for true thriving of civilization.

Industry Standards

  • 4 day work week - Juliet Schor - [1]. See also Plenitude. She mentions UBI, not UBA. I should ask her about her latest view on UBA.