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Neosubsistence - the evolution of subsistence to the digital age, where it becomes feasible for communities to produce essential goods on the city scale, which was formerly possible only by using global supply chains. Thus revolutionizes the economy from imperialism to stewardship, while providing for finincial independence on a wide scale.

This has no limits and can go as far as semiconductors. This is a realistic version of the Fab City. This includes the Circular Economy, with the addiiton of distributed, open source enterprise and Distributive Enterprise where [[Distributed Market Substitution replaces typical workings of of centralized capotalism. This effectively eradicates the red scare, stops nurturing despots, and replaces finance capital with full Reserve Banking. This assumes that open source economics allow for unprecedented efficiencies which perform better than global supply chains with their associated Competitive Waste. As long as Collaborative Waste can be avoided, a basis for material security can be had - as a foundation for Self-Determination.

Neosubsistence is used to produce a modern standard - beyond the modern sub-standard of living - of living without typical violence of pre-21st century history. Neosubsistence is accomplished via an advanced level of Import Substitution, such as via an economic model of Technological Recursion. This relies on globally-generated open source design repositories and local production capacity, such as via Open Source Microfactories or RepLabs. Neosubsistence may include surplus production for outside markets, and it is a means whereby material security is generated - motivated by pursuit of Self-Determination and Higher Purpose. The requirement is lowered barriers of entry to acquiring productive skill and capital, such as for replication purposes - via Immersion Training and Enterprise startup assistance in an open source framework.

By its inherent tendency to Mutually Assured Abundance, a mindset of abundance supersedes the mindset of scarcity. Collaboration supersedes greed as the operating economic norm.

One version of neosubsistence is the capacity to create a modern standard of living with 2 hours of work per day from local resources. This would assure a transition from most people disliking their jobs, to a world where people follow their true interests. This is siply inevitable in a world with energy abundance (see Kardashev Scale), and advanced technology which allows material thriving to be addressed easily.


Neosubsistence is an un-revenue model, in that this paradigm lowers the need for revenue generation, and hence has the potential to free up one's time if the neosubsistent production is efficient. We mention un-revenue to emphasize that modern life should not center around commercialism and warfare - as opposed to Self-Determination. Commercialism and consumerism are a primitive state of human existence that society will consider the Dark Ages in about 500 years - just like we consider the the medieval ages today to be a dark time in human history as well.


In an economy that affords freedom, the issue of existential crisis must be addressed. With freedom comes a greater requirement to make decisions and be responsible for one's choices. This requirement exceeds the psychological capacity of most individuals, who are accustomed to wage slavery. This, transition to freedom and free enterprise must be accompanied by psychological maturation of people as civilization transitions to the Open Source Economy. OSE calls for human evolution towards Integrated Humans.

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