On the Challenge of 3D Printing Medical Devices

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  • This page explores if medical devices can currently be 3D Printed, if so in which cases already uses 3D Printing, and how to expand this group further

Existing Medical Use Cases

Dental Implants

  • Uses SLA like processes and either some form of pre-ceramic/sinter material, or use the 3D Printed part for molds

Joint Replacement

  • Typically uses special alloys and EBM printers


  • It isn't a standard practice, but custom prosthetics with even FDM printers are becoming common
  • This also allows for a unique experience where people with amputations can actually USE THEM for unique cosplay
    • DEUS EX, a cyberpunk game made some prosthetic arms that matched the look of in game ones (did they release the CAD etc?)
  • Some charaties have designed/donated arms
  • Need to look up legs etc
  • Also more complex (IE haptic and/or robotic) devices have been built

Near Future / In Development Use Cases

Venturi Valves

Face Masks

  • The main "sheild" should most likely be injection molded or thermoformed, but the harness is great to 3D Print

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