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  • An outbreak of a highly contagious strain of a Coronavirus that had an outbreak first ~2019 and thus is named and abbrevated officially as COVID-19
  • Thus OSE if able/needed in each capable member's area will help out in various ways
  • This page has basic useful information, then OSE's plans
  • Is often referred to by the less precise, yet understandable if context is used, abbreviations such as:
    • COVID
    • Coronavirus
    • Other slang/incorrect names (not heard on this page but in other areas

What to do

  • Wash your hands (not compulsively, but often with proper procedures (what you see in every restraunt bathrrom etc) )
  • Social Distancing (~1 meter gap between people in public)
  • Cover Sneezez/Coughs
  • Go to local medical facilities if sick
  • Reduce non essential travel and/or do it via alternate means (Don't fly if able, etc)
  • Self quarentine if you have recently traveled to an at risk area, or have com into contact with an infected person
  • Follow CDC and other Official information
  • Follow local efforts such as limits on work and meetings etc

What NOT to do

  • Ignore guidlines etc (ie hold parties, refuse to quarentine... )

At Risk Groups

  • Infants and young children
  • Elderly
  • Immunocomprimised (Due to disease or medication: ie un-medicated HIV, immunosuppresants, chemotherapy etc
  • People with little acces to medical care (due to region and local infastructure etc)
  • Most other people have low lethality rates ( single digit percentages untill 80+ years of age )
  • Main concern for people not in these groups is to not make yourself a vector, you will get sick, and it will be bad like flu ( IF INFECTED ) but the real concern is infecting one of those groups


Basic Information

  • Started in the Wuhan Providence of China, but has now spread near worldwide in a low level pandemic
  • Lethality is still rather low (see below) but strain on helathcare resources is high (especially in countries/areas with many cases such as China, and Italy)

Historical Comparisons

  • Early 1918 Pandemic - flue - took a rest over summer and then 5% died. Immunity was developed. In second part, virus mutated to become more deadly.

Medical Supply Shortages

  • USA has 1/8 the estimated number of ventillators needed

Epidemiological Data

  • 6000 hospitals in the USA [1]
  • 2 million potential cases
  • Map of USA cases by Johns Hopkins - [2]
  • Korea and Italy are testing everyone
  • Confirmed cases is 5000 in the USA. (as of when, perhaps imbed CDC/WHO data?)
  • For More Information See Predicted Peak of the First Outbreak of COVID-19


  • Sequencing - it's an RNA based virus, more susceptible to mutation
  • There is a gene map of where these live worldwide

Next Step

  • Links to original sources - Good Resource for building masks:
    • How to make activated charcoal masks - Are they effective/ useful?
    • User:Eric here, kind of armchair thinking here, but i am quite certain the need is for the (micron? will look for hard data) filters to hold/block the small virus particles. Charcoal is good for absorbing various chemicals or acting as a scaffold for biofilters etc, but for being a filter, specially built filter paper can't be beat. Especially if not hoarded/mass purchased, the paper masks SHOULD be cheap and accesible.
    • Also self quarentine and social distancing are probably most effective for non-medical feild people. Unless you are in close range of numerous sick people (ie doing rounds in and out of quarentine rooms) you probably would be taking the supply away from these places for little benefit (not that there would be any, but it is sort of like the people blocking the fire truck to use squirt guns at the burning building, it helps yes, but it is better to let the dedicated group do their thing, and perhaps help otherwise (Ventilator valves seem to be the best possible thing to do alogn with monetary donation and/or volunteering if able )
  • Guide on - how to collaborate
  • OSE guide on 3D protected
  • Do not include prescription medications
  • M95 masks, self-manufactured ventilators, 3D printers, printed parts
  • Fundraise to build 3D printers - and ventilators
  • Stock up on parts - for making a ton of ventilator parts
  • Volunteers to print out tons of parts and produce a 3D printer for any hospital
  • Donation to produce a boatload of printers.
  • Funding - get someone full time on researching a list of organizations providing support for covid work

User:Eric 's Plots


  • As stated above, there isn't much of a better solution for air filtering/masks than filter paper
  • The main areas 3D Printing CAN be of use are:
    • Ventillator Valves
    • Jigs for Automating Bag Venthilators (Concept phase on the Facebook Page, may not work well/be safe etc, NEEDS MORE RESEARCH )
    • Low/No Contact door handle attachments, automatic soap/hand sanitizer dispensers and other simple, high traffic objects designed to reduce their role as a disease vector
    • Face Sheilds (Not needed for everyday people so DON'T hoard them, but are used in the medical feild and/or emergency response etc to protect mucus membranes to a low level from splatter (coughs, lab chemicals, samples, etc) the sheild part is more complex (precious plastic cnc/lost pla mold - mold for PET water bottles? ) , but the headstrap/harness should be easily 3D Printable (As these are reusable, the need for these is easier to fill, and also may be less intense)
    • Most other needs SHOULD be filled already, but especially in a rural/remote/developing are ask your local healthcare facilities if you as a maker can help


  • Possible ose wiki page and/or teleconference on who is where with what to begin plotting
  • Have the people determined by the above step contact local athorities and/or facilities to see what if anything is needed
  • Develop the needed devices
  • Print/Build them
  • Deliver them
  • Periodically ask again and/or ask to be "kept in the loop" for more requests
  • Monitor the facebook group and/or help there
  • Fundraising and Activism is simple yet always works

Colby's Plots

  • Open source testing procedures
  • Open source protocols
  • Vaccine development
  • Vaccine companies - Wichita KS company UV C
  • Live attenuated vaccine vs deactivated vaccine

External Teams Working on Support

Filling the First COVID-19 Outbreak Response Caused Medical Supply Shortages

Hospital/Emergency Service Voluenteering

See Also