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  • This is a componet of a system for oxygen thearapy where it allows a concentrated oxygen stream to be dilluted to a known level
  • It is a standard medical device, and as of now THIS IS NOT A DIRECT REPLACEMENT
  • HOWEVER in rural/remote/underdeveloped areas, this is better than nothing, and like in the Apollo 13 Movie, if you need to connect "This to that with only these" and option may be better than no option
  • This has been used during the 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak
  • A hospital in Italy, which was especially hard hit, was running low on these parts due to the influx of people with COVID-19 caused respratory issues outpacing supply, and a (local maker/company?) scetched up, did CFD to prove it worked (to an acceptable level) then printed them using Powder Bed Fusion (SLS?) they have been in use there since as of 3/19/2020
  • This then spread via news and is now being used elsewhere for the outbreak caused shortages
  • Since the design is already developed, in use, and there is a time factor in play for the 2020 outbreak use, OSE work will mainly be production, and logistics, as well as perhaps slight optimisation for FDM printing of the design, rather than "in-house" development

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