3D Printer Change Log

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These are ongoing improvements for the next iteration and minor corrections.

  1. 11/18 - Acetone is the ideal cleaner for the frame.
  2. 11/18 - Frame update is Nov 9, 2018- which allows cutting from 4x8' steel by leaving a 1/4" gap on the outside. This means that the frames are smaller by 0.18". Holes are added for the control panel and cable chain. The former version from August 3, 2018, is missing the control panel holes and cable chain hole. It will work, but the holes will have to be drilled. However, the August 3 version may be cut from 5x10' steel - unless the operator knows how to do this from 4x8 steel to save space.
  3. 11/18 - Rods in the manual are 13-7/8" - with the smaller frame - they should be 13-3/4" and not any longer. See the working document at the top of the D3D Frame page.