3D Printer Critical Path

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Changes after the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp


  • Add WiFi SD Card as a turnkey option.
  • Remove spacers and build them into the 3D printed pieces
  • Possibly expand the half-carriage to allow longer belt pegs. Make belt pegs only one type.
  • Add Z axis balancing
  • Add skew correction for y by virtue of stops
  • Tune the heatbed for 450W
  • Put a cover on the power supply for shock hazard
  • Document the stepper driver voltage decrease
  • Modify menus to make babystepping more accessible
  • Determine if 1/16" steel is acceptable for an 8" bed


  • Develop 12 printer production engineering for $1000/day net revenue for $10k/month revenue model at half-time engagement
  • Publish new manual
  • Develop online course
  • Run 50 STEAM Camps until June 2019

March 4 2019 Week


  1. 8" bed version kit release, 12" frames for easy USPS ship
  2. 12" bed version kit release
  3. 36" bed version kit release
  4. And everything else in between.

2019 - September Refocus


2019 - August Refocus


2019 April Detail

  • Rationale - go to 120V heat bed to reduce power supply size.
  • Don't include TMC2130 initially as that will take time to optimize, even though it gets rid of the end stops. Use TMC2208 now.
  • Include clean wiring
  • Include 3D printed corners


  1. Building new heated bed allows for a high performance printer
  2. With 3D Printed control panel, electronics become simpler for builds
  3. Silent operation is a good upgrade
  4. Clone titan aero is lower cost for lower cost versions


2019 April


2019 Jan


3D Printer Modules

Getting very clear about modules allows for very clear division of labor in a collaborative process.

See 3D Printer Modules