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Hi Ron, Xavian, and Stacy,

Thanks for being good students this week, and here are some key links about the printer below.

OSE offers a 1 year warranty, so that if any parts break or malfunction, you can return it to OSE for repairs within 1 year of February 11, 2019 - or we can ship part replacements.

We also focus on Lifetime Design - the OSE Lifetime Design Guarantee. We have designed the 3D printer for a lifetime, not planned obsolescence. That means that because the printer is open source and uses easy-to-source, off-the-shelf parts - it retains its value for as long as needed. It is easy to replace or fix parts, or to 3D print replacement parts with the same printer - for as long as one wants to do so - not because a part breaks and one desn't know how to fix it. In fact, for products other than the 3D printer, we will sell a Lifetime Guarantee program - which consists of our 3D printer, which can be used to print replacement parts. We focus on using as many 3D printable parts as possible, in order to facilitate lifetime design.

Second, OSE does not believe in waste - and we offer lifecycle stewardship. We like to take back any products that our users no longer need - so that we can recycle or reuse parts. So if you no longer need the printer or want to get rid of it, we can take it. Please hold on to this email - and email us at info@opensourceecology.org and we'll be glad to make arrangements for product take-back. To us, used products are valuable because they are designed for recycling.

Useful links:

1. To use the printer, we recommend you download Lulzbot Cura. That's all you need to do, unless you want to modify the firmware on the microcontroller, which you can do via Arduino Environment. More info on Lulzbot Cura here. Lulzbot Cura allows you to generate gcode files for the printer from STL files, which you can download from repositories such as Youmagine or you can generate your own with FreeCAD.

2. I showed you a workflow in FreeCAD for designing your own files - here it is if you would like to review - you should be able to learn the process in about an hour - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/FreeCAD_101#Lesson_3:_OSE_Basic_Workflow_Tutorial

3. The overall build manual for the printer is here - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/3D_Printer_Manual . It has full build instructions, the bill of materials, and software information.

4. If you want to print replacement parts for the printer - or parts for more printers - here is the part library with STL downloads - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/D3D_Part_Library#D3D_16.22

Thanks, and happy printing.

Marcin on behalf of OSE

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