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Kits are shipped worldwide in different States of Completion. Here are notes.

Simple Version

A reusable, 3D printed organizing box for parts can be created so that part/tool kit preparation is guided by geometry of and information on the 3D printed box.

For this, a 12x12" bed 3D printer would be required. Such a printer could fit up to 16" rods (12*sqrt(2) for the 12" bed printer.

3D printed marking could be provided for labeling part locations.

Advanced Version

The advanced version could be a kit which is self-packaging. All 3D printed parts could be printed as one block, including compartments for additional balance of system metal and electronics. Covers would be printed, such that the only task remaining after filling the box up with parts would be to put it in the mail.

This should be designed for reuse and recycling. Reuse means that after all parts have been extracted, the package can be refilled with more printed and off-shelf parts. Or the whole package can be slipped into a shredder for recycling.