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  • Simple Kit Deluxe Package - 1 hour of support, full Build Manual, 3D Printed Parts Kit + drop ship of common parts.
  • Maintained Drop Ship List for 1 click ordering. One-click on Kit.com triggers one-click purchase from Amazon + Core Parts Kit from

HintLightbulb.png Hint: This Document also includes Kit Tool List


Entry Level Full Kit

  • Since drilling pvc is tricky when a jig is not used - it is useful to provide a wrapper ordered interface to the frame that enables easy and universal mounting to a pvc frame
  • Use the Titan aero with volcano and large nozzle of 0.6 mm, 3mm filament, clone for entry level version at reasonable cost
  • Position as part of plastic recycle ng infrastructure via second-to-market community Xerox machine for local production


  • PVC Frame mounting interface kit
  • Extruder development to identify the most robust, non-clogging option
  • Fulfillment via drop ship + 3DP parts and bolts.
  • Print a container for bolts.
  • Markup at $100/hour for efficient production, $25/hr for you nefficient production
  • Division of labor strategy for minimal kit. Full Kit is turnkey.
  • Manual for PVC frame - addition to exists manual
  • Large scale option - 1 meter bed, 16 gauge with weld as opposed to 1/8" with weld. Significant for weight reduction. Uses 16 gauge angle.
  • Super low cost 8" bed version
  • Large scale version - 3' at low cost, 2" PVC for practical production.
  • Large printer needs documentation.


  • 6" bed minimal kit, no heater, maybe even MK8 extruder, direct couple to axis, one side support on z, but Titan aero extruder. Build on the Imade3d extruder design


  • Buy Manual + 1 hour of Video Conference with one of our team members - $79

Minimal Kit


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