3D Printer Marketing Strategy

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2019 Brief

  • Direction for OSE is scalability, modularity, materials.
  • With scalability, we go to larger printer.
  • With materials, we go to recycling and filament composing, which addresses artificial scarcity and has applications to housing.
  • Materials also addresses larger printers, as without open source materials - large object production is not cost effective.
  • Filament making formulas emerges as a solid sideline.
  • Recycling allows us to create programs for schools, introducing OSE Clubs for recycling purposes.
  • Modularity involves other toolheads, starting with the small CNC mill for making a Rubber Extruder, to make the OSE printer overall less expensive, and manufacturable in a distributed enterprise scenario.
  • With Filament Compositing, we can get into publishable, applied research.
  • OSE Clubs can thus be founded on recycling and on open source product development of materials, composites, and their products.
  • OSE Clubs can include the Stovetop Foundry and MIG Casting as routes to metal parts.

In summary: go large, include filament making, and produce real goods.




  • Personal relationship based workshops
  • Short term - 2 month runway


  • End of October for 7 weeks lead - Oct 27
  • Free Demos - 1-3 week - 2nd week - free demo workshops starting the 10th. 2 weeks of light demo sessions. 3 hour block. Prep a 2 hour demo.
  • Kits available at that time of 2nd third week library demo


  • Youtube Review kits sent to channels like Thomas Salander, M<akers Muse, 3D Printing Nerd, etc
  • Library demos
  • $1400 - 2 day teacher training workshop
  • Romantic 3D printer building
  • Email captured during build for follow-ups
  • If 12 people show up - schedule another workshop
  • Corporate training retreats - $15k for a weekend team building retreat
  • Rosa worked at a bicycle nonprofit - and they have Google employees repair bicycles. They pay for building 3D printers that they donate to a local hackerspace or library
  • Overstock puts millions into blockchain