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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Current work is at 3D Printer Workbench 2020. Github repository for 2019 work- https://github.com/rkrenzler/D3D-Printer-Workbench




Does Install Work?


The workbench should allow for selecting of the 11 modules. Various configurations of axes can be selected by the individual import of X, Y and Z axes. This allows for piggy-backing axes (back to back with 2 axes), using multiple axis for X (see D3D Geometry), stacking axes (2 axes oriented next to each other in the Z direction) - and any other geometry - such as 4 axes to hold a large print platform, or single-sided support of the print bed, etc.

For the smaller frames, the axes may be mounted inside or outside of the frame, and in some cased may be attached with the flat side vertical, and sometimes with the flat side horizontal. This means that the extruder may have a horizontal or vertical attachment surface.

Sometimes the X gantry can move above the top edge of the frame, while at other times it may be below the top edge of the frame.


  • Workbench has buttons to import the 11 modules :
  • Frame - up to 24" on each side. If cut from a 4x8' sheet of steel, it is logical to use a base 16" size. Inner cutouts can be 14, 12, 10, and 8" - so one can get up to 5 frame sets of different sizes with 0 metal waste - the inner cutouts of the 8" are used as part of the 8" printer. The 8" printer can be dedicated to small precise parts with .3mm print nozzle, whereas the larger printer of 24" should use a Volcano Nozzle with 1.4mm print nozzle. A 24"x48" printer can be a great industrial grade household goods printer - capable of printing tables .
  • Frame extension - such as 6' tall or wide 3d printer, with other sides only up to 24"
  • Universal Axis - length can be changed. Orientation of belt hole can be changed (up or down). Location of motor can be changed (front or back of Motor Mount Piece)
  • Extruder with sensor holder + sensor
  • Endstops
  • Heated bed - size can be changed from 5" to 24"
  • Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Cable Guide - to handle wires in an XY-moving gantry
  • Spool holder - very important; to avoid filament tie-up
  • Wiring

Later Phases

  • Belt width variation in Universal Axis. Includes double pulley for 6 mm belt.
  • Motor size variation in Universal Axis
  • Rod size variation
  • Pulley sizes variation
  • Development of Wiring Workbench in FreeCAD - to facilitate the drawing of wires and pipes
  • Ceramic paste extruder
  • Diode laser cutting head

Working Document




  • Ruslan took about 15 hours to create the pipe frame macro and another 10 hours to integrate with the D3D workbench.