3D Printer Workshop Success Criteria

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XM 3D printer workshops involve scrum, agile, extreme, pair, contract-first builds. For success, these things are required and have worked based on the overall OSE experience gathered over 30 different workshops.


  • Scalability: 1 guide leading 100 people


  1. Proven technology
  2. A capable instructor
  3. Model machine for viewing the actual build
  4. Complete written step by step instructions.
  5. Before, during, and after unit of organization.
  6. Before Unit: (1) viewing of assembly videos - see 3D_Printer_Construction_Set_Workshop_August_12,_2017#Build_Videos (2) Viewing of Language Agnostic Instructionals. (3) making of Linux Live for those who are computer savvy.
  7. During: (1) CAD model for viewing details; (2) crowd documenting and making changes, such that internet must be present. We involve individuals during the build in instructionals modification/improvement. (3) Feedback Form for making suggestions
  8. Distribute quality control to participants. Avail QC checklists.


  1. Product must be finished. Morale suffers greatly in XM when completion is not attained. The only way we can not finish is if the expectation is that we do not finish
  2. We divide into module-based groups.
  3. We work in groups according to contract-first design principles - ie, knowing that an interface between modules has been designed, and it will fit into the final assembly. Checklist for each module must involve verification of interface.
  4. People or groups that finish first help other groups or individuals to finish their modules
  5. Do not modify any directions as a general rule - unless you understand the design rationale at a deep level.
  6. Always check with instructor when modifying directions, and if you help others, make sure that you are providing correct instructions if you are proposing something that is not explicitly stated in the instructions.


  1. Beware of know-it-alls and solo-warriors who do not build with team but isolate themselves and typically fail
  2. Beware of Rumors: false instructions from people who think they know what is going on.