5-Legged Dogs

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OSE Culture

OSE is building a culture of open source super-cooperators. This applies to individuals and organizations. In addition to open source-collaborative. Note that open source is typically not collaborative - the typical case is a hacker going off into a corner and then emerging some time later with a semi-finished product, at which point it becomes more collaborative. OSE promotes publishing earlier than this, to make true the 'publish early and often' credo. Note also that many 'collaborative' projects are not open source. And than many crowdsourced projects (such as Hero-X) are neither open or collaborative. Hero-X projects are typically proprietary, and none are collaborative - in that teams fight to win, as opposed to working together on a bigger project.

There is more than collabrative and open. Peak performance requires that we are also entrepreneurial. Cultural transformation requires that we are teachers. And transcending armchair theory means that we are builders.

So we come up thus with the 5 characteristics of OSE collaborators: super-cooperating open source entrepreneurs who are also hands-on teachers and builders. That is a rare breed - and we call this the 5-Legged Dog.


The chance of finding a 5 legged dog - a person who is a supercooperator-builder-teacher-open source-entrepreneur - is just about exactly 1 in a million, based on available statistics. This is just a first order approximation. This figure is derived by multiplying the 5 percentages below.


  • Entreprenuerial - 14% [1].
  • Open Source - 2.5% [2] work in software, the best approximation of number that understands open source
  • Teachers - 2% [3]
  • Collaborative - 14% (based on statistic 2 at [4])
  • Builders - (blue collar types) - 14% [5]

What To Do

If the 5 legged dog is literally one in a million, then we have 2 choices: to find them, or to create them.

It is good to find such 5 legged dogs, but this does not lead to project scalability. Critical mass cannot be built on 1 in a million contributors. Furthermore - many of these 5 legged dogs have their own projects, typically contibuting further to armageddon through the hidden Structural Evils that remain unaddressed. While we believe that entrepreneurs are the industry transformers - most successful entrepreneurs play in the system. Many people idolize such success stories such as Buffet, Jobs, or Zuckerberg, but these individuals are not good at moving the world to distributed economies.

While we are ecstatic if we do find the 5-legged dogs, there is more promise in creating them. For this reason, our goal is to create a number of OSE Campuses worldwide to provide the hands-on education for solving pressing world issues - something that I wish I got in my own training. It has thus become my passion to avail worldchanger education to the world, where people work on fundamental, long-term, and pressing world issues as the explicit intent (MJ).