50 hp Power Cube

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1641 cc - 60 hp


Download Sketchup - File:Pc50.zip

Note: This model is a first attempt at framing a Volkswagen engine in a Power Cube. The pumps shown are crude models of triple pumps for powering three independent hydraulic circuits for a LifeTrac.


Note: This model shows a cooler that was used for the prior 28 hp power cube. For updated cooler information see the following link: Selecting A Cooler


Next Steps

Next steps are to design a light weight Power Cube of 50 hp for the OSE Car - as in OSECar Rhizome. Integrate with work of Yann Log. *Make it out of aluminum for car - http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/50hp_Power_Cube. Build on June 23, 2013 Gary work - File:50hpCube.skp

  • Use vw 50 hp
  • Use mitered corner aluminum - 1/4"x2"x2" angle
  • Fit in fuel tank - 5 gal. Secure off shelf or weld
  • Source a 28 gpm pump from surpluscenter, at the RPM of the VW
  • Get a hydraulic cooler and fan sized to 2x the existing power cube
  • Get a hydraulic reservoir - off-shelf or weld, aluminum
  • With this design, we can take it to a welder. We can CNC plasma cut the aluminum. 1/4" for the sides, essentially same as former power cube but aluminum instead of steel.


  • Assume that the Pump mounts directly on top of the bell housing of VW engine
  • Use existing dimensions of engine compartment of Wikispeed in Sketchup or OSE Car in Rhizoma
  • The engine may stick out the top of the Wikispeed engine compartment - but that is ok.
  • Select pump for RPM of VW bug engine
  • Use Hydraulic Calculator from Surpluscenter