6 in 60 Campaign - Design Sprint 5 Invitation

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OSE will be hosting the next Design Sprint for the 6 in 60 Campaign this weekend.

Feel free to check in with us on Friday, 14 June from 7-8pm CST-USA for a Tech Check and Planning Meeting for those who wish to check in and become more familiar with Google Hangout. Also, if you are unavailable to work on Saturdays during the Sprint, meet with us Friday for a module assignment for off-line remote collaboration.

The Design Sprint kicks off Saturday, 15 June from 9am-5pm CST-USA. Can’t participate the whole day? We will be checking in at the top of every hour-- with 5pm for wrap-up - join us anytime.

To participate, please complete the Tech Team Culturing Survey. If you have already filled it out, you are all set. Don’t forget to link to or forward your resume before the Sprint. The more we know about your skills, the better we can match you with the right project.

If you are not familiar with Sketchup, consider watching our Sketch Up Tutorial and take the Sketchup Cube Test. This tutorial turns you into a master 3D designer very quickly and will prep you for the Sprint! Last, check out our Dashboard--its your one-stop-shop for all things 6 in 60!

Still have questions? Check out our 6 in 60 FAQ.

As always, please contact me, OSE’s Technical Community Manager: audrey@opensourceecology.org with questions.