6 in 60 Milestones

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  • The 6 in 60 Campaign promised the Microtractor, Bulldozer, Car, Truck, Backhoe, and Ironworker Machine. Current activity is in the Dashboard.
  • Finishing these modules: Cab, Loader, Power Cube, Wheel, and Pivot. Not to mention the wheel base unit.
  • At the same time, we are working on a build of the CNC torch table.

How well will this be finished? We are at June 12, and expect:

  • Wikispeed car frame - suspension, rear drive, steering, and new 50 HP power cube to be finished.
    • 50hp Engine arriving on Friday, June 14. Recruited local VW master, Danny Brown - to help on car parts. Recruiting a local TIG welder for aluminum power cube fabrication. Working with Mike Hill for other CNC Torch Table Cutting. Tom Griffing did initial 50hp Power Cube work.
  • Ironworker - by using the blade system from Prototype II, we can put together the Prototype III, but maybe without hole puncher element.
  • Truck - will get a driving truck, slow speed - possibly with dump bed.
  • Backhoe - will complete the machine for digging 8'x8'x8' holes.
  • Microtrac - will drive it. No implements.
  • CNC Torch Table - aiming to get it up by June 28.
  • Bulldozer - will build it, with heavy duty 6-way blade.