A Chinese Wise Man Once Told Me

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A Chinese wise man once told me, that if you go to bed with an itchy ass, you're going to wake up with smelly fingers.

In other words: there is cause and effect. I emphasize this here because so many people do not perceive the causes of effects in their lives - at their own peril. Things don't magically happen out of nowhere. This is a fundamental Mental Model to understand. Wisdom comes from understanding cause and effect relationships - where many phenomena fall into the category of simple cause-effect relationships and are not overly complex. Insight, experience, or logic uncovers the cause-effect relationships. For complex phenomena, if we see an effect and can't see a cause, we simply do not understand it. It is humility to state that the phenomenon is beyond our understanding. And, attaining the ability to understand complex causes and effects is a divine capacity that is learned by practice. Such practice is part of mastery, Self-Determination, Purpose, Psychosocial Integration, and Sublimation.