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A powerful coping mechanism in people that allows transformation of pain points into substantial growth. This appears similar to Ken Wilber's concept of "Transcend and Include". See more at Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset.

Sublimation is related to Antifragility, and in fact Antifragility appears to be the more appropriate term for growth in the OSE context. The only distinction is that sublimation typically refers to psychology, whereas antifragility is a more general term that refers to systems.

Sublimation is a stronger coping mechanism than resilience, which is just recovery from failure - as opposed to growth from failure. And antifragility is different than robustness (resistance to failure).

Note that antifragile is more than adaptive, as adaptive implies learned robustness. However, adaptive systems may not necessarily be antifragile (improved). [1]

These are all great concepts for OSE, since we design for robustness, resilience, and antifragility or sublimation.

Not only does sublimation allow one to transcend pain points - but based on the extreme flexibility of one's neurons - their capacity to rewire - this implies that painful tasks may be turned into tasks of joy.

How do we reconcile 'devloping one's weaknesses' with sublimation? There is no such thing as a-priori weaknesses in one's self. There are only conditions of limited practice - if we follow current scientific notions that character and personality both change over time. We recycle our body, also, on a periodic basis - we get a new skin every 3 weeks [2] Blood is replaced every 4 months [3], bones are replaced every 10 years [4], and even the brain goes through neurogenesis [5] - to an extent currently unknown by science.

In summary - people can transform and rebuild themselves completely if they want. 'Building one's weaknesses' is a completely rational thing to do, unlike what certain enterpise leaders such as Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach says. In a growth mindset, in a post-scarcity mindset - there are no limitations. There is only purpose - and if one has it - then there will be a way. Thus, Strategic Coach appears to embody a certain level of scarcity mindset. I am bringing up Strategic Coach as Dan is a seminal thinker, but I think he's not accurate on the point of developing 'strong weaknesses'.