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Fri Jun 30, 2017

Seeing work on visual index modules. Considered best spatial module break down and poart categorization and made adjustments to index.

creating PSU CAD.

Also found mechanical drawing for gear motor CAD https://www.phidgets.com/productfiles/3269/3269_2/Documentation/3269_2_Mechanical.pdf

File:LFX 24V Power Supply.fcstd

I did some detail on the PSU connections for easy ID and later wiring.

File:LFX Gear Motor 15 rpm.fcstd

Fairly simple cylinders for motor.

Files still need parts to be merged to solids as apropriate. I don't forsee a need to edit the sub parts. Some further details could be added later if necessary.

3 hrs

Thurs Jun 29, 2017

Communications, linking parts on LFX electronic module, considered details on PSU and wiring for CAD.

1 hr

Wed Jun 28, 2017

watched meeting recording for clarity & reviewed existing files and notes from meeting again.

edited indexes and visual index slide for extruder electronics module.


3 hrs

Tues Jun 27, 2017

Meeting preparation.

Meeting. Sounded like I missed some of the meeting joining at 2p and then I had some technical difficulties with linux sound. So I need to review the whole meeting recording as usual.

Reviewed the notes made during the meeting and started figuring out addition and organization of visual index slides.

See Lyman Filament Extruder v6 slides gdoc for notes on visual index and CAD file making process


2 hrs

Sun Jun 25, 2017

Reviewed communications various ongoing work and the meeting again.

posted general RFC on network.

tried to figure out my time sheet confusion and submitted time attempting to fix my mistake of forgetting submission the other week ago.

Fri Jun 23, 2017

editing, and organization of spooler index.


1.5 hrs

Thurs Jun 22, 2017

data entry, editing, and organization of extruder index.


1.5 hrs

Tues Jun 20, 2017

data entry to index sheets

further index sheet organization

looked over wiki organization again.

3 hrs

I was starting prep for the meeting when my internet went down :-/ at least I got some data entry done first. I am still behind on several things though.

Mon Jun 19, 2017

edits to lyman index sheets. checking communications.

Thurs Jun 15, 2017

continuing filling in index sheets. I edited the Lyman Filament Extruder page to include indexes before, but the part library page has an index section as well so I am considering how to link everything.


2 hrs

Tue Jun 13, 2017

Continuing work on master index. I think I like the file format/layout better now, but data entry is a priority since formatting can be changed anytime. I think it's useful to have slightly different themes considering the similarity in some of these files. As long as it is helpful for fast readability and understanding of contents. Unfortunately, the data entry has been slower than I first thought. I don't want to just copy in the data from Lyman's docs because of some confusion in them, but resolving all the questions can only really be done through building prototypes of the machine.

Sat Jun 10, 2017

editing spreadsheets for BOM's and master index.

Spooler Master Index Sheet

Extruder Master Part Index

Spooler BOM

Thurs Jun 8, 2017

Meeting prep.

Created separate index file for spooler.


Referencing general working guidelines for BOM's and interlinking docs here:


Wed Jun 7, 2017

Reviewing communications and docs and starting organizing of master index sheet.


2 hrs

Sun Jun 4, 2017

reviewing network posts, logs, templates and considering master index structure for ease of copying redundant data between other sheets like the BOM.


catching up some details and lack of links left in the VBOM. Looking for redundancies in the two sections. Looking over STL and image files in zips with respect to the wiki part library.

Further reading of logs and gdocs therein for pertinent info in new tutorials and guides. Looking and BOM and templates to optimize master index. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vulgD585CFuVdSojXhBdnb3FNU0C-Aaj3lI7I6qTQvg/edit#gid=0

3 hrs.

Fri Jun 2, 2017

Reviewed work logs & network.

Formatting and assembling Master Index for Extruder based off D3D wiki page and docs there. I also recall some discussion on the structure of spreadsheet BOM's in a previous video probably a meeting I may try to find for reference.