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  • A Device for making Plastic Pellets or Plastic Flakes into Plastic Filament
  • Can then be used in an FDM 3D Printer
  • Also allows recycling plastic into filament with a proper shredder system/workflow
  • Total Cost ~400 USD (skimmed bom?) ~16x 1kg 25 USD Filament Spools until it breaks even
  • Filament Material Properties vs OTS Filament (needs research and/or dedicated page)
  • Needs a bit more organized for new people looking for info on lyman, perhaps a geneology page?

2018 - Simplified Version

2018 - 3 More Builds





See other FB posts on build prep - [1]


  • Thingiverse v6 download - includes build manual - [2]
  • v5 download with manual - was RAMPS based with 150 kg-cm stepper. Ma

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Your work appears to be very interesting.

I don't visualize my being involved in your workshop as I am now 87 years old living in Enumclaw, Washington.

My latest Filament Extruder, Version 6 is the only extruder I am now supporting. It is my favorite extruder and all my filament is now produced with the three I have made. It extrudes 3mm (2.65mm) filament at about 1/2 lb/hour with the gear motor running at 25 rpm. The motor is rated for 33 rpm but under load it only goes about 25. . A faster gear motor with about 100 kg-cm of torque may give 1 lb/hr. I get a filament that varies not more than .05mm with the extruder wall mounted.

This extruder is posted on Thingiverse and is open source CC share alike. The posting includes a BOM. Also there is a video on YouTube.

Hugh Lyman


  • Uses 173 kg-cm torque motor (150 lb in) , but a 10 lb-in stepper (2 nema 17, 80 oz-in motors) reduced 10x may be sufficient (so still can use small, cheap steppers, no more than $20 in stepper motor costs. Advantage is that we are introducing no new parts to the GVCS, as steppers are already used.

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