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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This is just begun, needs to be completed by filling in and distilling all the 50+ items of OSE Spec

OSE Specifications Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Unique Value Proposition [[{{{1}}} Unique Value Proposition]] 0
6 Training and Management [[{{{1}}} Training and Management]] 0
11 Product Assets [[{{{1}}} Product Assets]] 0
15 Open Source [[{{{1}}} Open Source]] 0
19 Marketing and Sales Data [[{{{1}}} Marketing and Sales Data]] 0
19 Marketing and Sales Data [[{{{1}}} Marketing and Sales Data]] 0


OSE Specifications refer to a comprehensive set of properties, qualities, and principles that all OSE-related products should embody.

OSE Specifications are important for OSE product managers - so that any product being developed has the right qualities, and that it fits within other product ecologies.

Each product development effort should review all the OSE Specifications - and explicitly document the ways in which that particular product adheres to OSE Spec. This way, conscious and consistent design choices can be made when developing a technology or product. This allows for more effective and faster product development.

The real value of the OSE Spec is to make various implicit properties explicit. By thinking about specific properties explicitly - developers can make conscious, sound design decisions. In the first place, going through the OSE Specifications brings about awareness that OSE products indeed follow certain, consistent design principles intended to regenerate the human condition.

It is implicit within the OSE Specification that their goal is to improve the human condition through the products that people create and use.

How To Implement

To implement the OSE Specifications Assessment, use this template - and fill in relevant information under all the aspects. There are many points within OSE specifications - and going through all of them is a useful exercise for beginning to design effective products.


And More


Divide into sections:

  1. Product Qualities
  2. Enterprise
  3. Production
  4. Transparency
  5. Collaboration
  6. Teaching