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HintLightbulb.png Hint: To create a unique value proposition, ground the proposition on performance and product data, as related to Industry Standards; then combine with specifics of OSE Specifications which make the offer attractive. Describe the offer in a succinct way.

Unique Value Proposition

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unique_selling_proposition

A unique value proposition (UVP) is a specific value being provided by an enterprise that is not yet met by any other market player. This is what distinguishes an enterprise from others. However, just because something has a UVP, it does not mean that it will sell - if there is no demand for the UVP.

The assumption is that something valuable is being offered, and therefore, there is a market for that value.

Being specific about what that value is allows an enterprise to succeed in the marketplace.

Simply put - what are you offering that nobody else is offering? What is that differentiation? If someone else is offering something already, and there is no differentiation (such as location, for example), then one should question the value of engaging in a certain enterprise. This is taken from a societal perspective: why compete with someone who is doing something well already, and not do something more valuable?

A unique value proposition is important in open source enterprise. If source code is open, then one can replicate enterprise easily - at which point it is easier to do something better - and everyone benefits.

If an OSE product is open source, that in itself is a UVP.

In open source enterprise, we are asking market players to meet needs more effectively, not compete just for the sake of competition or size. Instead of growing in size, we ask open source proponents to grow by diffusing their enterprise to others - which is part of the Distributive Enterprise ethic. Distributive Enterprise carries with it an explicit ethic of helping others move forward.

Product Strategy and Unique Value Proposition

A product strategy must include a unique value proposition. One of open source ecology's unique value propositions is its distributive nature. The Distributive Enterprise invites independent agents to collaborate on generating positive financial feedback loops by lowering the barriers to entry and making such collaboration desirable. The Distributive Enterprise carries with it a proposition of success by combining forces instead of competing - thereby selecting for super-cooperators and eliminating those who are driven by greed. Greed as defined in monopoly creation by an explicit intent of eliminating other market players.

A product strategy is discussed well at Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_strategy - and should be used as a process for developing OSE product strategies.


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To create a compelling UVP, think hard about one or two features that you would like to emphasize, and communicate them in a compelling way. Recruit a copywriter.