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Open Source Ecology is a proposed paradigm shift to regenerative development of human and natural ecosystems by means of open collaboration, transparency, and democratization of the technosphere. The current main effort (2016-2026) is completion of the Global Village Construction Set, which is 25% complete.

Our economic goals are discussed at Distributive Enterprise. This is a novel approach to economic development that we are pioneering based on our core goals of creating the open source economy. The open source economy is an economy that optimizes both production and distribution of wealth.

OSE is interested in partnering and working with various startups, entrepreneurs, institutes, nonprofits, and other organizations - as long as the development is placed under an open license congruent with the Open Source Hardware Definition. Further, it is also useful if Best Practices for Open Source Hardware are followed.

OSE uses CC-BY-SA 4.0 for its designs, Public Domain (CC0) for its writings, and GPL 3.0 as its software license. OSE also has a Trademark on Open Source Ecology. Read more about this at OSE Trademark.

If you are interested in collaborative development of technology, or if you are inquiring about a joint project, the license for your work must be open source and must be clear and expressed publicly on your website or information packet.

OSE receives frequent requests for collaboration, so we are clear about the open source nature of our work up front. This is because we have seen a number of dead ends occur with potential collaborators as a result of license incompatibility. Unless assurance of license compatibility is present and clear up front, license incompatibility is a risk that OSE is not willing to take.