Activated Charcoal

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  • Any form of high purity elemental carbon processed to have high porosity
  • Used as a more efficient/dense chemical filter/reactor compared to standard carbon sources such as charcoal
  • Can be produced by high temperatures, medium temperatures and steam, or chemicals
  • Made with Calcium Chloride - [1]
  • Source material is usually charred wood (charcoal) or some form of coal (coke or raw coal)
  • Main uses include Water Purification Medium, Ingested Poision Treatment, Chemical Reactant, Air Purification Medium, Air Filter Mask Medium, and Industrial Carbocatalysists
  • One thing to note: For most use cases, all it does is reduce the amount of charcoal needed, so if space is no issue, it may be more efficient to use larger amounts of plain/washed charcoal

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