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  • Any form of high purity elemental carbon processed to have high porosity
  • Used as a more efficient/dense chemical filter/reactor compared to standard carbon sources such as charcoal
  • Can be produced by high temperatures, medium temperatures and steam, or chemicals
  • Made with Calcium Chloride - [1]
  • Source material is usually charred wood (charcoal) or some form of coal (coke or raw coal)
  • We will be dealing with charcoal so most work is documented on Activated Charcoal

OSE Work


  • The main issue is how it can absorb and be saturated pre use
    • Esentially meaning it is "regular" carbon/charcoal on arrival, and thus inefficient (bad in casual use, may mess up equipment, or cause more pollution in serious use)
  • Also eventually it will need to be swapped out and/or regenerated
  • Thus to close the Product Ecology we need to plot this out
  • Relevant Section of the Wikipedia Page


Disposal via Use in Other Applications


  • This is the preffered option, as it saves transport of new material in, although some methods may be heat/electricity intensive (commercial vs home needs etc need to be evaluated)
  • It can be device integrated, a seperate onsite device, or at a seperate dedicated facility

Device Integrated

  • The preffered option for medium scale (not home use, but not massive industry, thus most of ose?)
  • Thermal Reactivation Seems to be the Best Option?
  • Can be done with waste heat, or electric heat (induction even if a metal container is used)
  • Need to research temps needed, and gasses in/out
  • The optimal setup for this would be similar to PSA in that it would need to have at least 2 devices, for uninterupted use
  • Similar to a RTO as heat recovery may be reusable thus improving efficiency

Onsite Device

  • A Scaled down version of a dedicated facility's equipment
  • Most likely would be industrial furnaces/dryers etc

Seperate Dedicated Facility

    • Most likely would be large industrial furnaces/dryers etc

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