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HintLightbulb.png Status - Done: checked LFX part list To Do: Find a tree view of the parts Blocks: stopping from adding contents, too much confusion

Thu Dec 6, 2018

To take confidence with OSE try installation of OSE-linux, (should not be done, but took around 6h to install and upgrade to 18.04.1, tomorrow small test than reinstall and test the old 16.04 version. looks like assembly2 moved to a2plus or i'm wrong ? Looking for files via internal search took me to maybe 20 .fcstd files but going around the site there must be more. Any hint ? Thanks

Wed Dec 5, 2018

Launch break then I'll back study what's there and, how is already categorized, how to merge data to have a clear vision on what is the maintenance needed,

(12:00 CET) I started from LFX part list on found links that point to the blog and "fixed" (maybe) to the parts (fcstd) some parts still in stl. Exported and loaded cable (already exist in assembled) Thought that should be easy to add different version of the cable: lost in looking for a categorization mess, found lot more info than listed, result in a already done work but not categorized or listed in the menu.

Q: how to categorize content for a low level user that only want to take view of the status of the art?

A: maybe reworking categories ?

Thought: looks like almost everything is already there but not accessible (why ?).

Mon Dec 3, 2018

2 link on my mistakes: [1] [2]

(15:29 CET) Experience trouble on managing 3d models from 0.16 to 0.18 and reverse, 0.16 is more unstable for me tend to crash often if i press esc button to get back from a function. (part entity in 0.18 is missing in 0.16 that create incoherence) (10:20 CET) Installed Beaker browser (not sure is useful, ose dat link broken)

Q:Should i keep trying fix wiki already existent data or keep going on with the Hollander beater?

A:I think i'm going to spend my time on figuring out the Hollander beater.

Q:should i install OSE Workbench? (please answer me if this is a must)

A:I think i can work on 3D models without the needs of log in to a server and installing on my machine something i can barely understand if this take me to a more agile workflow please let me a note on the talk page, look interesting to have a common database to work on but if i risk to cause dmg at the data better that i use my own space and u take what u need from there.

Sun Dec 2, 2018

Rework on my personal wiki profile, hope this may give a clear vision on

who am I

Accepting feedback for missing unclear info or improvement.

Sat Dec 1, 2018

Take a step back and spending time reading entire wiki, still cannot understand what is update and what is not, getting confusion. github and OSEDEV are still active ? If yes then i need to install workbench on freecad but looks like i have no account on OSEDEV (btw i don't need it and i'm not and official dev so if u want me to join at that lvl i need some specific communication).

Report on what i was "working on":

Generated files Some of the work flow i try to follow (?fail?) [3] [4] [5]

Looking forward to follow your directive on :

How to reorganize wiki so 3d parts may be accessible in an easy way Fixing parts (fcstd) providing technical drawings (assemble machine and provide exploded view (may need some workflow standard))

Way to collaborate ? Share a 3d model and/or a simple draw of the part and a request on what final file should be and i may do the required work. (let's try with some easy part, then increase the complexity).

Not sure this will be read or if it's helpful.



Sun Nov 25, 2018

Keep reading OSE wiki: how to get involve and what can i work on to be useful. this looks like the best place to start. So reading and reading ... this looks like the place i should start from, but I'm not sure on how to implement it. Can u provide a scheme on how you intend to manage parts from single component to full machine? (i mean: dose have any sense to set up a backbone (index) of container for the single component and how wold you like this to be done ?) I'm unemployed so i can give u more or less 40h/week and looking on how my work research is going I'm not having a job in the near future (nor in the lateone). It may sound amiss but I'm trying to give a proof of my skills to get hired by you. Btw looks like you r looking for an independent and self-sufficient collaboration that's not my case, i'd like to be coordinated by some project manager but i may mistaken your vision. Looking forward to get included in some work group and maybe pointed to a way of communication the most i can do is keeping working on understand your system (that may looks to me more complicated than it is) and doing my best.

Last week i wasted time on researching and designing on blender the Hollander beater ... ending up asking myself if it's the right way to go for small machine that can produce a continuous roll of paper (210 mm width)


first way

second way

May be useful to work on both for a high quality product or different starting raw materials.

This week ended with a lot of conceptual test but nothing good so nothing to share and because i'm not sure where to add this kind of machine i'm not creating a new page that don't provide nothing more than a basic search engine research.

I'm not having feedback so i'm not understanding if i'm moving in the right way (btw i'm not seeing my content removed, that make me think i'm not damaging nothing :D ) Looking forward to be integrated in your system doing what i can until my 10yo pc keep working. Not believing in this but contact me if u have some task where u need help on. Thanks A

Sun Nov 18, 2018

Spent the past days on clarify myself the workflow needed to manage projects on this wiki. Thought that thigiverse may be a good platform to share models and drawings. (dreaming about a way to manage github and thingiverse at once) For now just a conceptual assembly made in blender with 1:1 scale for an ergonomic chair made out of wood (building commercial standard joists) and roller skate wheels. In my mind it's made for last but need to prototype and verify the design. Not sure where to add this kind of project in ose wiki ... Thought to add a section furniture under housing / buildings but feel not confident to do that, if interested in this project just point me to an empty page to fill, thanks. NDT (sorry if bom and filenames are in italian , btw are single term easy to translate i think) (to do: redesign all component in freecad and add dimensional drawings, not sure this is needed as blender files are already in correct size and necessary works from rough piece to finished should be easy and depends on customization (scrap materials available).

Thanks in advance for any feedback on the workflow.

Feel disoriented on working alone, not sure i'm helpful more than adding confusion.

Wed Nov 8, 2018

Work on added some reference liks to software and hardware that looks to me more important than translate for now.

Thu Nov 7, 2018

Firsts steps on OSE wiki: Create log page, add contacts, learn how to deal with ose standards, studying the ose structure/interface/system to understand how to create/correct/expand projects. (aiming to work on cad files for now and maybe documentation on how to deal with the wiki when i learned it) Honestly I'd like to have a mentor to fast learn the correct process for interact with your structure.