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My try to keep an activity-log


Just an enthusiast with no deep knowledge, Ubuntu user since 2007 i did not study it, using with an empiric approach (try if it work ok if not remove/restart).

Unemployed, mechanical diploma, enthusiast of machines (recycling/producing systems on focus now but all kind of machines fascinate me), advocate of manual work. Studying to extend precious plastic workflow to other materials to achieve the open source backbones of industrial production and resize it to a domestic dimension. (btw i'm not a good student so it is taking way long than what i planned and is not going to be affordable project) Do not have nothing concrete to share... just thoughts. Alfonso


Me on the net

Something about me / contacts / portfolio

- FaceBook - Patreon - LinkedIn - Thingiverse - YouTube - Trello - [dat://62e28da77bf072c9eefa26d6b66bedaa25f6834d2fc6647badf0c95e8a126977 P2P network node] (rotonde site) (not sure on how to use, may be a good way to share files, better than drive) (BTW need some practical train to understand how this may be used)

Disclaimer: This link are provided as contacts and portfolio, not able to manage account communication etc so they are basically personal folder not meant to be shared, but if u want contact me that may be a good way. This should show how bad i present on the net and how i'm not so skilled but gives a quite clear view on who am I and what i can do with the computer but mainly what's my vision. "Lots" of errors fails and incomplete works that should show what i can provide to ose.

What (i think) i can do

3D models, Conceptual Design (easy component working principles), Translation Ita Eng Spa, Screencast tutorial, testing Linux solution on Xubuntu LTS distro (Thinking about a dedicated hd to understand what OSE linux daily usage may means, but looks like too much restrictive for now).


  • 3D printer: Tevo Tarantula 2017 (MKS GEN-L V1.0) (no budget to make it operative, thinking about how to setup 5 nema17 stepper for a 5 axes mill as dream project).
  • Parallella 7020 HDMI: (was able to install OS but nothing more than run examples, need train on how to deal with an FPGA but Xilinx is not the open source solution, just a free solution available, looking to openpiton project as another project dream).
  • Olimexino 328: an arduino clone that runs up to 24 V. ( arduino have his own component market that i cannot understand and afford, need training on how to make arduino environment with scrap electronics).
  • Almost 2 m^3 of various scrap materials/machines (electric motors, lcd panels, wood, cloth ecc, ecc, ecc that i'm aiming to use as component for the machines i'm dreaming on ... Starting from a theory that with 5 wasted printer you can build a 3d printer only with your handtools).
  • My pc (asus gene II, I7-920, 6GB ram @1066 (1600)Mhz, 128GBssd, Radeon HD6870) (i got it in 2008).


(Need to do, for now refer to socials links above)


2 December 2018‎

"Just" joined the Ose wiki, trying to understand how to deal with the infrastructure.

Target for now is make a clear vision on what is going on via this page, try to collect information on already existing data, understand the standard theory and the "defacto" standard what should fix and how, what i can develop etc... Feel free to contact me and ask for priority / give suggestions/directive on how to do this in the better way, (made for last)

'6 November 2018‎'

(Creating user page for new user.)