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Admin Tasks List


Back Office

  • Amazon Glacier
  • OSE Taxes - Janie Juhl, H&R Block, St. Joseph, MO. Keep track of organizing categories for annual P&L.
  • Bank of Fairport -
  • Electricity - account number 1419143045 - user - opensourceecology. Account name - Open Source Ecology
  • Server - Hetzner server in Germany. 2010 Hetzner, 2016 Hetzner- <> for email support, billing, down time. Call up bank to confirm foreign
  • Domains - - on ttps:// Renew April of every year. - Dreamhost.,
  • Internet - chat with Centurylink [1] to manage account. Maintain updated autopay. Email them at Their phone service is inefficient. Main OSE line for internet is 816.449.1226. Auto pay can be set up by calling 888-723-8010, or faxing an auto pay form to 1-866-689-5582. _______ minutes.
  • Benevity. 8 minutes.